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Research Scientist - posted 03.02.2023 - POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED

OncoXome Inc. is seeking an enthusiastic and highly motivated postdoctoral research scientist. The selected candidate will join a qualified international research team working on a challenging project, natural exosome isolation and loading with gene therapy in malignant diseases and which oncogene mutations may be targeted to improve cancer patient outcomes.

Minimal degree required

   • A Ph.D. in biology from an accredited college or university in Biomedical Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Cancer Biology,

  • Solid experience in state-of-the-art cell, molecular biology, biochemistry techniques,

  • Strong knowledge in extracellular vesicles,

  • Creative innovative thinking,

  • Experience on project management (importance of scheduling, deliverables, reporting),

  • Motivation, high precision of work and the ability to conduct independent research, but also enjoys working in an international and interdisciplinary environment

  • Proven English presenting and writing skills,

+ Prior training and publications in tumor biology, biology, and/or experimental pathology will be beneficial to candidates.


Profound knowledge of general cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, and physiology along with current laboratory assays and techniques in the areas of Cell Biology and Molecular Biology.

Required skills and competencies

+ Demonstrating outstanding personal initiative and originality of thought

+ Excellent time management and organizational skills

+ Ability to work independently in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment

+ Excellent teamwork

+ Ability to convey their ideas and thoughts in an organized, cohesive manner

+ Ability to meet deadlines and multitask efficiently is a must.

How to apply

Please send a cover letter describing your research experience and interests, CV (with bibliography and start/end dates for all positions), and contact information for three references to:



This position is available immediately.

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